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Antenatal Classes through out the year at the Kapiti Community Centre.
We feel that all women have a right to a dignified and satisfying birth experience and that all women have an inherent ability to birth.
An informal support group for people interested in, involved in, or having a home birth.
Kapiti Midwives offer midwifery care from conception, for you and your baby, up to 6 weeks after birth.
Kapiti Parents Centre has been offering parents support and education to help parents with from everything from pregnancy and childbirth right through to different aspects of raising infants and toddlers.
Nikau Midwives aim to provide continuity of midwifery care through pregnancy, labour, birth and up to six weeks after the baby's birth. We have found that this care leads to excellent results both in terms of satisfaction and outcomes for women and their babies.
We believe that pregnancy and childbirth is a normal and special part of a woman’s life. We work in partnership with women to gain confidence in their own ability to birth.
Pregnancy Help Inc offers the following FREE services to parents including the provision of baby clothes and equipment, advice and support.
Sands Kapiti promote awareness, understanding and support for those dealing with the death of a baby in pregnancy, birth or as a newborn, and due to medical termination or other forms of reproductive loss.