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This is an Angry Bird take on the bunny version of the paper plate Easter basket. A great basket for holding lots of eggs and you can run with this idea and make any character you like, as long as it roughly fits in with a round shape.
Need an idea to liven up the school holidays or a rainy day? Have a Backwards or Opposites Day when you do as many things in the reverse as possible. You can start by putting your shirt on backwards, greeting everyone with ‘goodnight’ and having dessert for breakfast! You don’t need anything special and it won’t cost you a cent. Here are some ideas and links to get you started: Discover your backwards name Write you name backwards. How would you pronounce it? Try and use each other’s backwards names all day. Watch a backwards music video For ...
Make some gigantic bubbles and have loads of bubbly fun!
Ornaments with cinnamon and spice
You can have all the toys in the world and yet more often than not a simple, cheap dress-ups box will entertain children for hours.
For Easter you might be after some fun crafty ideas to entertain your kids. So we've done a little search and come up with a few you might like.
Make your fridge look a lot more exciting with felt fridge magnets!
We're so lucky on the Kapiti Coast to have the beach on our doorstep. If you're short of ideas of things to do with your children (aka energiser bunnies) why not head to the beach.
Turn your living room or child's bedroom into a play land.
Messy play - Goop!
Are your kids too grown up to go Trick or Treating but don’t want to miss out on the fun? Here’s eight ideas for teens to celebrate a more sophisticated halloween with friends or family. Take your little brothers and sisters out Trick or Treating. Don’t forget to take your commission! Give Barbie and her friends a Zombie makeover. See how to do this on Crafts by Amanda: http://craftsbyamanda.com/2014/09/barbie-zombies-the-walking-dead.html Order pizza and watch a horror movie. Make a game where you eat M&Ms every time someone gets surprised in the movie and scream along with the characters. See what Seventeen magazine thinks ...
You can turn almost anything into a scavenger hut. It’s basically just a list of items you have to hunt around for. Rainy Day indoor fun This one is for everyday household items which will hopefully have the kids going to every room of the house – my bedroom being the exception. Just tick off or cross out each item as you find or gather them all in a basket as you go, depending on the child’s age and how much tidying up you want to do later. Indoor scavenger hunt.docx Word version so you ...
It's raining, it's pouring ... and your children need entertainig! Here's some ideas to keep them happy and having fun!
A warm summer's day calls for something cold and yummy. Here's a recipe the kids can make.
Make music with flower pots! A fun activity for the kids!
Party games are a birthday essential to keep the kids busy at a party & use up all that energy after eating all of that sugar.
Playdough is a must for any preschooler to have a go with. Here is an extremely easy recipe for uncooked playdough.
Why not treat your kids and do a playground crawl around a handful of playgrounds in Kapiti!
Shaving cream art is cheap and loads of fun. I guarantee you'll be right in there with them drawing pictures. Give it a try!
Fluffy snow from soap.