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Copyright & Disclaimer

Copyright protects the original work of kapitikidsconnect.co.nz, and the data collected. The material on this kapitikidsconnect.co.nz website is copyright to Kapiti Kids Connect Limited. However, users may store or reproduce material if they acknowledge the kapitikidsconnect.co.nz website as the source of that material with the following exception:

The Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz logo is subject to copyright and Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz does not permit the use of this logo in any other work, without prior written consent from kapitikidsconnect.co.nz

Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz is an information website about the Kapiti Coast. Information on the website, or terms of business may change without notice.

While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure accuracy of the website information, Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, or omissions in any instructions or listings. Nor does the information imply an opinion on the part of Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz, or any endorsement by kapitikidsconnect.co.nz, or its owner, Kapiti Kids Connect Limited.

No Warranty
Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz is a New Zealand website and as such recognises only New Zealand law as it applies to its performance, and the site’s information and content. Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz gives no warranties implied or expressed that the information content is accurate, up-to-date, or complete for any purpose whatsoever. The listings referred to may not be available at all times and places. Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz may change the information, or instructions at any time without notice.

Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz is not liable to any party for any direct or other damages for any use of this website, or for email use associated with the website, or any other linked website, including that due to any worms, viruses, and other elements that might cause loss or damage, even if Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz been aware of the likelihood of loss or damage.

Partners and contributors to Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz
Information collected and placed on this website is for the sole use of Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz for use in information and promotional activities.

No person may make any statement on this website, or through Kapitikidsconenct.co.nz’s email services, which would be binding on Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz or which is unlawful, defamatory or gives legal remedies or rights to anyone against Kapitikidsconenct.co.nz.

Any comments or materials sent to Kapitikidsconenct.co.nz relating to this website or its information content will be regarded as open public information. Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz is free to use, disclose, adjust or distribute that material or any concepts, or techniques contained in that material, without any limitation.

Contributors who place listings or information with the Kapitikidsconenct.co.nz website do so by agreement and allow Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz to hold and use the information provided for the purposes of website listings and any associated marketing promotion, until such time as one or both parties revoke that agreement.

Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz will not make database information available directly to any third party without the contributor’s written permission. Information relating to an individual, organisation or company, which is collected on this website is available to, and may be corrected by, that individual, organisation or company.

Access to Other Websites
Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz takes no responsibility or accepts any liability for the content of any linked independent websites and has no control over the content on these websites.

Newsletter Sign Up
During registration a user is asked to give their contact information this is used to contact the user about the services on our site.

Competitions & Surveys
Occassionally Kapitikidsconenct.co.nz requests information from users via surveys and contests. Participation in these is voluntary and therefore the user has a choice whether or not to disclose this information. Information requested may include contact and demographic information. Contact information will be used to notify prizewinners. Survey information will be used for the purposes of improving the delivery service of Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz.

Kapitikidsconnect.co.nz takes all reasonable precaution to protect our users information both on-line and off-line.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or our disclaimer please email us at info@kapitikidsconnect.co.nz.

© Kapiti Kids Connect Limited, PO Box 195, Paraparaumu 5254, New Zealand.  All the material on this page has the protection of international copyright law. All rights reserved