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Business Listings

A “Business Listing” showcases your business / organisation / group to those living and exploring the Kapiti Coast.

Business Listings can act as either an alternative to running your own website or a way of driving more traffic to your own website.

Add your Business / Organisation / Group to this website

  • Kapiti Kids Connect is one of a kind on the Kapiti Coast!  There is NO OTHER website for Kapiti like it.  We are the ‘GO TO’ website for parents interested in the Kapiti Coast and all that it has to offer their family.
  • Kapiti Kids Connect offers your business the opportunity to seize the chance to connect with this niche market.
  • Each month we have a growing number of first-time and return visitors to the website which is reflected in our web statistics.
  • Our prices are very affordable and offer your business the opportunity to reach potential customers 24/7.
  • Parents are the household CEOs; the decision makers so why not direct your advertising dollar at them?  Capture the attention of the household chef, entertainment director, cleaner, nurse, teacher and taxi driver and share your product or service.

There are three Business Listing Plan options: Basic, Standard or Full Plan. The Basic plan is Free, the Standard* and Full plans have a small charge. *Not-for-profits will be given a Standard listing Free of charge.

For more detailed information on the Business Listings please contact us today for a Media Pack.

Not-for-profits List for FREE

Here at Kapiti Kids Connect we like to support our community and we know how hard volunteers work, so if you are a not-for-profit group then we will list your group on our website for FREE. Please contact us today for more information.

Add Your Business Today

Are you ready to take up a Business Listing and promote your business / organisation / group on the one-of-a-kind Kapiti website Kapiti Kids Connect? Then please fill out the Add Business Listing form or contact us today for more information.